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Expansion tank

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Product description


Introduction of Expansion Water Tank

  The expansion water tank of the Xuele wall-hung boiler is produced with a mature technology from Jiangsu and Zhejiang. From stretching to delivery of finished products, the entire production process is completed in our company, and the product quality and production process are complete.

  The Ministry is guaranteed to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 99.9%. Foshan and North China passed the high standards of quality inspection, and all were qualified.

  The excellent performance of the water tank of the Xuele wall-hung boiler comes from the strict control of product quality and materials by Xuele. The shell is made of 52D galvanized sheet, and the thickness is 2.0mm galvanized for excellent resistance

  Rot erosion effect. The shell sheet meets the requirements of tensile mechanical properties, compression resistance, hardness and other related requirements. The film adopts imported nitrile butadiene rubber, and various performance tests meet the requirements, including high and low temperature tests.

  Test, minus 30 ℃ to high temperature 150 ℃, tensile strength, permanent deformation, tear strength, etc. The pipe joint is made of A3 material, and the surface is black-plated zinc. Play a protective anti-oxidant effect,

  Prevent rust and erythema. The valve adopts a high-end automobile special valve, and the surface is required to be nickel-plated to prevent oxidation and rust. Xuele fills every product produced with nitrogen

  1.0bar, into line tightness testing, charged water pressure 3.5bar dwell 30 seconds to check whether all parts of the leak. Xuele Electric regards quality as its life and strictly controls the quality of the water tank

  We will do our best to ensure production and fully cooperate with customers' production scheduling arrangements.

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